design Features

Curious what goes into the Fat Bike Ski?  There’s a lot of hidden proprietary tech making it perform so well!


Universally adaptable to any fork

Every Fat Bike Ski can be quickly adapted to fit 8 different fork axle configurations.  If it's designed for off road riding with disc brakes, we make a set of axle adapters to fit!

dual pivots.jpg


Custom torsion springs

We've developed a proprietary torsion spring that allows just the right amount of flex to deliver incredible ski edge control when cornering.

Patented dual pivot design

Through years of prototype evolution we have created a dynamic pivot system that delivers intuitive handling and unbelievable ski stability.  

This setup gives your bike the characteristics of riding on a blanket of perfectly tacky dirt and enables you to ride like there's a berm in every corner, no matter the snow conditions. Yeah, it's really that good.







Hand Welded by the Best in the business

Every Fat Bike Ski is proudly welded by legendary mountain bike frame builder Frank the Welder, also based in Vermont.


Precision machined components

All of our parts are CNC machined in Vermont to create precise, reliable, and beautiful pieces.  We're proud to have all of the fabrication work done within our home state by local professionals.  



Tough, Light, and Durable

The various aluminum pieces that make up the Fat Bike Ski are hardcoat anodized for extreme durability, light weight, and low friction.  The complete Fat Bike Ski weighs only 5.4 lbs (2.45 kg) which is lighter than an average fat bike front wheel.




custom Designed and Professionally Built ski

Our uniquely shaped ski utilizes a dual arc sidecut to deliver maximum edge contact at all times.  Just ride your bike and the ski does the rest!


Low Friction Ski Runners

We've developed a set of fast gliding and hard biting ski runners that assist with straight line tracking and top speed stability, giving the finishing touch to our high performance setup.