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unlock the potential of your fat bike in snow

Fat Bike Skis are in production and shipping soon!

 A fat bike ski on the snow.

The beta

Ride beyond
the groomed

Embrace the snow for what it is.

Our patented design eliminates the washouts and endos caused by your front wheel in snow, allowing you to maintain power and control in all snow conditions.  

Don't treat your snow like dirt.

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 Fat Bike Ski riding through Vermont woods


Ride in all snow conditions. Crust, ruts, powder, groomers, slush, you name it, the Fat Bike Ski will handle it.  

Swap out your front wheel with the Fat Bike Ski and ride snow like you've only imagined.

 Fat Bike Ski riding on open snow.


Honestly you'll probably sh(r)ed tears of joy when you lean your bike into a turn and feel the ski engage.  This thing will have you ripping turns like Bode Miller, brah.

 Fat Bike Ski riding in the woods in Vermont.


Fat Bike Skis fit any modern fat bike or mountain bike fork. This means you can run your favorite mountain bike suspension fork or stick with your fat bike fork.  Your call.

Yeah, it'll fit yours, too.

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