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Fat Bike Skis fundamentally change the way your bike performs in the snow. Our patented design eliminates the washouts and endos caused by your front wheel in snow, allowing you to maintain power and control in all snow conditions.  

Winter 2016/17 Event Survey

Winter 2016/17 events survey

This survey is intended to help the Fat Bike Skis team learn about awesome fat bike events throughout North America (at least this year, we'd love to hang internationally in the future, too!).  If you have an idea of an event that we should attend, let us know here!  You can also let us know a little bit about you so that we can send you specific invites to events near you and so we can help develop the product to suit the needs of riders out there!

What is/are your current fat bike(s)?
Choose as many as apply.
This will allow us to email you events that have Fat Bike Skis demos in your area!
Please be as specific with your address as possible and at least include the town name!
Event Start Date
Event Start Date
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