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Fat Bike Skis fundamentally change the way your bike performs in the snow. Our patented design eliminates the washouts and endos caused by your front wheel in snow, allowing you to maintain power and control in all snow conditions.  

Fat Bike Skis to Premier in 2016 Warren Miller Film: Here, There, & Everywhere

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Fat Bike Skis to Premier in 2016 Warren Miller Film: Here, There, & Everywhere

Dan Kirk

Photo by Aaron Johnson

It's not very difficult to attract attention while riding a Fat Bike Ski.  The innovative ski adaptor fits on the front of a fat bike–replacing the front wheel–and unlocks a vast amount of terrain and control in the snow for the rider.  Hitting new terrain and ripping by other bikers is what caught the eyes–and lenses–of Warren Miller's filming team last winter at the Fat Bike World Championships in Colorado. Brooke Scatchard, Founder and Developer of Fat Bike Skis, road-tripped from Vermont, where he's been refining and building the Fat Bike Ski for the better part of 15 years, to Colorado with his partner Mariah Keagy to put the Fat Bike Ski in front of some of the key figures in the Fat Bike industry.

Photo by Tony Wilhelms

"After befriending some photographers covering the event, I was invited to ride for a video shoot they had planned.  I spent the day riding through deep snow in front of extraordinary (and expensive) video cameras for a few very well-known ski film crews.  I was the only one able to ride most of the trails and quickly became a major focus of their fat bike segment."  

I gotta say–I’m pretty excited to see Fat Bike Skis featured by the biggest name in ski films this November!
— Brooke Scatchard

Fat Bike Skis are in their final stages of development and plan to be produced and available to consumers in Winter 2016-17.  For more information, visit